Programming in C - Applications solved

 Introduction to C   Instructions   Pointers and functions   Vectors   Bidimensional arrays   Data structures   Character strings   Recursion   List:stack and queue   Files   Graphics in Dev-C++ 

Programming in C++ - Applications solved

 Introduction to C++   Classes and objects   Constructors and Destructors   Functions friend   Input output operations   Overloading-operators   Simple inheritance   Multiple inheritance   Files/   Generic functions 

Data structures - Applications solved

 Rare arrays 


 virtual piano   w3schools   web design library   template monster   C++ Language Tutorial   Maya Tutorial 

Universities of Informatics

 List of Universities   Universities of informatics   Computing and informatics   Department of Informatics   City University London   Informatics Scholarships information 

Android applications

 android paly google   developer android training   android source code app 

Friends sites

 Bucegi Mountains   Art, poetry, music   Astronomy 

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